Lessons in Activewear

It probably isn’t apparent to most, but I am totally obsessed with camo these days. It’s everywhere in my life… leisure, home, travel… I even purchased some ripstop canvas in a black camo print because I’m determined to make camouflage into a pair of office-chic pants. It’s gonna happen, friends. This fall. Guaranteed. When I saw this amazing camo powernet at Phee Fabrics, I immediately had visions of … Continue reading Lessons in Activewear

All the yoggers

Yoggers are by petite stitchery and they’re FREE for members of the Facebook group. I’m always on the hunt for cute boy pants and while these are labeled “girls” they are 100% unisex!! I was first apprehensive to try them but now I’m wishing I started making them sooner because they are my newest favorite pattern. I’m making them in all the lengths with tricot … Continue reading All the yoggers

Phee X Ohhh Lu Lu Sews Hyacinth sports bra

Hello fellow seamstresses! It’s Brandi. I live in Florida and sew mostly bikinis and workout wear. I love sewing, being creative, lifting weights, surfing and eating cheeseburgers. I may CrossFit 5-6 times a week so I can eat cheeseburgers on the regular. It’s awfully humid and sweaty working out in the southern, wet heat. The right fabric makes a HUGE difference. I just made an … Continue reading Phee X Ohhh Lu Lu Sews Hyacinth sports bra