UFO Sighting – Conquering “the bin”

As I am about to cut a new project I see it lurking in the corner… That bin, box, bag. We all have one and mine seems to grow exponentially at times. And the more projects that get relegated to the “UFO” bin, and the more I seem to start new projects. UFOS a.k.a unfinished objects are such a source of stress for me. A … Continue reading UFO Sighting – Conquering “the bin”

Thread Matching, Phee Fabrics Edition

Hi sewing pals! I’m Ashley! I’m bringing you a blogpost on matching the Phee Fabrics that I have on hand to a popular brand of serger thread, Maxilock. I get Maxilock from wawak.com because their prices can’t be beat and they ship quickly. (Not Phee fast, because Melissa is a super-ninja-boss-lady, but fast enough.) I wrote a general thread matching blogpost, and these principles can … Continue reading Thread Matching, Phee Fabrics Edition

Stretch twill! What is it good for? Absolutely lots!

Twill refers to the weaving technique of the fabric where the ridges form a diagonal pattern. The stretch twill Phee carries is a lightweight 6oz moisture wicking fabric with nominal stretch. It is perfect for boardshorts or most patterns drafted for lightweight wovens. Here are a variety of patterns you could use it for! Some of the links won’t hyperlink but if you just search … Continue reading Stretch twill! What is it good for? Absolutely lots!

Conquering the Twin Needle: Tips for hemming knits

The twin needle used to be the monster that haunted me in my dreams. Worse than even the button hole there was the twin needle and the pile of hemming I had to finish off my me-made garments from months past that I had been avoiding. Turns out my fear was well founded. When I first started sing my twin needle I was really bad … Continue reading Conquering the Twin Needle: Tips for hemming knits

Practice, practice, practice

Sometimes the smallest things are what challenges us most. Zippers, welt pockets, buttons….these things don’t bother me. In fact I enjoy the challenge. But Lace is something I struggle with making it look nice. For one,getting the right side up is a challenge in itself. It’s so delicate, and I’m so far from delicate it’s not even funny. Add that in with bra cup pieces … Continue reading Practice, practice, practice