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Phone Sized Pockets

Because Pockets Are Life! Continue reading Phone Sized Pockets

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S.U.A.T. Brazi/Calista Mash-Up

I love the Stitch Upon A Time Brazi pattern.  I was so intimidated to try making my own bra that I eyed it for a month before I finally bought the pattern!  Since then I’ve made several workout bras for myself, a nursing bra for my daughter and a Brazi dress that I wear all the time.  I’ve hacked it for straight straps and removable … Continue reading S.U.A.T. Brazi/Calista Mash-Up

A Heavily Modified Summer Dawn and Phee Heavy Rayon Spandex

Today is all about a modified Summer Dawn Wrap Dress and this amazing rayon spandex from Phee Fabrics.  I have made a couple of Summer Dawn’s in woven during testing and I could not believe how much I loved them.  The pattern was originally written for knits so I decided to give it a try in this beautiful burgundy rayon spandex. For this dress, as … Continue reading A Heavily Modified Summer Dawn and Phee Heavy Rayon Spandex

Drafting a Styling Curve and Alterations

Making your own curve stylist or French curve A French curve is a set of curves made from varying sturdy materials that are used to draft the curves in patterns of different slopes. The French curve is also an invaluable  resource for altering patterns. Unfortunately I don’t have a French curve but I was really wanting to adjust my husbands t shirt pattern last week … Continue reading Drafting a Styling Curve and Alterations