Feeling a Little Meh(sh)

What inspires you to workout? I wish I could say “I just love it” and don’t need any extra motivation, but alas, that would be one big lie. When it comes to fitness and activity, I know there is an ebb and flow for me….Sometimes my motivation and determination are at a peak and unwavering. Other times I have a laundry list of reasons why … Continue reading Feeling a Little Meh(sh)

Lace All Day, Every Day!

When I think of lace, I tend to think of special occasions or intimate apparel, but you can use lace to add pretty details to your every day wear! I love the patterns from Sew House Seven, so when they came out with the Merlo Field Tee, I knew I had to have it. “Casual, comfortable, and sporty knit tee”…”a slightly tomboyish vibe”…”wide, oversized body”…add … Continue reading Lace All Day, Every Day!

Pattern Hack: Adding a Lace Overlay to the Brooklyn Brief

There is nothing I love more than a versatile pattern! The more looks I can get from one great pattern the better so when a spark of inspiration ignited for a way to make my beloved Brooklyn Brief sewing pattern have any more design options I was at my sewing machine so fast I actually made myself dizzy. I have shared a few of my favorite Brooklyn … Continue reading Pattern Hack: Adding a Lace Overlay to the Brooklyn Brief

Made for Lounging

One of my favorite things to do when creating a garment is experimenting with fabrics. Getting to know a fabric is much like understanding technology… you figure out what works for a design and what doesn’t. I especially love to take on the challenge of making a garment out of a fabric that isn’t recommended. And again, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t! I … Continue reading Made for Lounging

Fishnet Tights…Yes Please!

When February’s theme was announced (using a variety of fabric bases), I took it as a challenge, and my ideas just kept rolling. I ended up with 3 solid ideas, but backed up to 2 as I was becoming frustrated with one and I began to realize that in the end I wouldn’t ever wear it other than for the pictures that needed to be … Continue reading Fishnet Tights…Yes Please!